August 30, 2022

Miss High Desert Stampede

Photo by: Amanda Luelling Film and Photo

Congratulations to Allie Nuhring, your inaugural Miss High Desert Stampede!

A very special thank you to Light Elegance for generously sponsoring the Coastal High Desert Stampede royalty program!

Get to know a bit more about Queen Allie

Your very first Miss High Desert Stampede, Allie Nuhring, was born and raised in Southwest Portland with little access to horses anywhere near home. However, the fire in her heart for horses has burned bright for as long as she can remember. Allie was just two years old when her family began going with friends once a year to Nehalem Bay state park, camping and riding horses. This was her horse fix for 12 years! At four years old Allie went to her very first rodeo. As soon as she saw the rodeo queens come racing from the gate, she knew she wanted to be one of them some day.


Allie spent her high school years ferociously involved in horses. She joined the high school equestrian team and competed for four years, qualifying for the state and regional level multiple times. She was also involved in a local 4-H club where she showed horses and swine. During this time, Allie had the opportunity to lease and bond with the spunkiest and best pony around. The two of them went from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the charts. This pony taught her many lessons, but most importantly he taught her what hard work and perseverance meant. Now, Allie gets to watch him continue winning with his new rider. To this day he still lifts his head when she calls his name. Allie graduated from Oregon City High School in 2018 with the Presidential Academic Award of Excellence. Post graduation and the end of a lease, she quickly realized that horses were a vital part of who she is. Allie bought her first horse in 2019 and began the life of a rodeo queen. Winning her first title in the beginning of 2020, she hasn't looked back since. Allie has spent the last three years representing rodeo as the 2020-2021 Santiam Canyon Stampede Queen, and as the 2022 Benton County Fair and Rodeo Queen. She has learned so much in the last few years and has made some lifelong friends with her sash sisters.


Outside of being a rodeo queen, you may find Allie somewhere in the woods. She loves hiking and hunting with her family. Camping and exploring new areas are her favorite! Drawing, painting and singing are a few of her lesser known talents. In 2022 Allie opened two rodeos, a fair, and a concert with the National Anthem. On the side she makes tooled belts and other leather goods. When Allie is  finished queening, she will open a leather business to operate full time. 


Allie is ecstatic and honored to have been crowned the very first Miss High Desert Stampede. Together with her amazing sponsor Light Elegance, she will travel across the Pacific Northwest representing the High Desert Stampede at numerous rodeos, parades, and community events. As your very first rodeo ambassador, it is Allie’s biggest honor to serve this board, this rodeo and the general public with humility, dignity, and grace. She wants to be the catalyst that helps propel the Miss High Desert Stampede Ambassador program into the future for generations to come.