Growney Brothers Rodeo delivers an authentic mix of heritage, humanity and heart. Started in 1942 Growney Brothers Rodeo is the foundation of the High Desert Stampede – no stock no rodeo. Growney Brothers Rodeo lays it all down, so the athletes and fans can get up out of their seats and enjoy the best performance possible.

The heritage of Growney Brothers Rodeo dates back to 1942 and John Growney has lead the 64 year old operation with a steady hand and a back bone built on integrity and grit. From award winning bucking horses that really get up to bulls that get cowboys down quick his breeding program has produced champion results, such as the stand out mare #017 Raggidy Ann. In 2009 the built to buck mare produced champion Capone. Capone has been besting cowboys and making rodeo history ever since. Crafting winning rodeo stock takes someone with an eye for great genetics, but building a bucking super star is more art than science. John Growney is an artist and his masterpieces buck better than the rest with the titles to prove it.

Tim Bridwell brings home humanity and hard work. With an eye for pulling out award winning genetics and a dedication to making sure each animal is expertly cared for he produces stock like Capone that don’t really have a set pattern or style, but have heart to buck hard the whole 8 seconds… every time. Tim produces tough-spirited stout horses like Capone that buck like no other and can switch from bare back to saddle bronc riding a feat most mature horses are not able to handle. Tim’s kind humanitarian approach produces animal athletes that are versatile and adaptable both mentally and physically.

Haley Bridwell is the heart of the operation. An 8 time PRCA Secretary of the year she feels great blessings come with great expectations and devotes her life to delivering the best stock in the industry. The stock come first at the Bridwell Ranch in Red Bluff, California and the bucking horses eat, drink and rest well before any one from Haley’s operation ever does. Bucking horses such as Capone a 10-time Wrangler National Finals (WNFR) bareback horse are treated and loved on like family. Genetics only goes so far and under Haley’s caring hand horses like Capone are nurtured to give the cowboys the best ride and the fans the best show.

The High Desert Stampede is proud to have Growney Brothers Rodeo as the foundation of the show. They deliver heritage, humanity and heart everyone can feel confident in. John, Tim and Haley are first and foremost gracious animal stewards and partners. This drives home consistent outstanding stock each and every show. The High Desert Stampede feels honored to have Growney Brothers Rodeo as our 2017 Stock Contractor.

Get on up to get down and watch these incredible animal athletes at the High Desert Stampede March 31 and April 1, 2017 at the Bank of Cascades Center Redmond, Oregon.